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Frequently Asked Questions

Since The Gutter Man of Tampa Bay started more than 10 years ago, we’ve encountered our fair share of questions and concerns related to gutters. To help you understand your property’s gutter system better, we’ve compiled the most frequently asked questions below to help you save time on research. If you don’t see your question or concern addressed below, we encourage you to call us directly for assistance at 727-724-1714. We’re always glad to help in any way we can!

Is gutter cleaning messy?2023-04-12T01:48:26+00:00

It can be. If the debris in the gutters is dry, we can remove it by hand or leaf blower. If it’s wet, we will remove debris by hand or carefully by blower to avoid splatter. In either instance, we will take away all debris and blow off sidewalks and garden areas that were affected in the process. You’ll never even know we were there by looking at the end result — that is part of our guarantee.

What can I expect from a gutter cleaning?2023-04-12T01:47:46+00:00

You can expect a quality job that includes, but is not limited to: cleaning debris out of all gutters and downspouts; removing leaves and other debris extracted during cleaning; securing any loose gutter spikes and minor repairs, such as reattaching a downspout elbow or pipe section to a gutter, etc. Any repairs requiring substantial time or added materials will be reported to you and estimated upon request. In many cases, repairs can be done during the time of the cleaning.

How much does a gutter cleaning cost?2024-03-20T17:58:09+00:00

This will depend on the size, height and current gutter system of your property, but prices start at $125. If you elect to work with The Gutter Man of Tampa Bay, we ensure that all of our work is unconditionally guaranteed for 30 days after the cleaning. If the gutters or downspouts fail to perform due to the presence of organic debris, we will return at no charge to re-clean the entire gutter system.

What else can be done to prevent gutter and downspouts from overflowing or clogging?2023-04-12T01:46:11+00:00

Every home, business and property is different, so it’s difficult to pinpoint one universal solution… but below you’ll find a couple common tips that may help: Secure your gutters. Over time, gutters can “loosen up” from the weight of water and wet debris. This causes them to sag or pitch forward, creating low spots. Re-securing your gutters and readjusting the pitch can restore performance without replacement. Install splash guards, strainers or diverters. Some areas of your roof accumulate more water than others, creating sheets of downpour at spots your gutters can’t handle. Areas where two roof sections meet each other, and where one roof section is above another, are common problem-starters for gutters. To resolve this, you may be able to install splash guards, diverters or strainers to prevent clogs, redistribute water and ensure proper gutter function.

How important are gutter guards? Are they worth the money?2023-04-12T01:45:31+00:00

Depending on the location of trees in the area, gutter guards can be very useful. You may want gutter guards on all gutters, or just on gutters that have trees around them. The benefit of gutter guards is that they can cut your cleaning frequency in half. The downside, however, is that gutter guards do not always reduce your cleaning frequency enough to pay for themselves. There are many types of leaf guard systems available today, with prices ranging from as little as 50¢ per foot for material in do-it-yourself jobs to as much as $15 per foot installed. The best approach to gutter guards is to consult a professional. We can assess your situation to determine where gutter guards may be indicated to keep your gutter functioning properly with the least possible cost.

What are gutter guards?2023-04-12T01:44:45+00:00

Gutter guards are after-marketing features that ensure gutters won’t accumulate debris that will fill up and clog your gutters and downspouts.

Do I have to be home when you are servicing our gutters?2023-04-12T01:44:06+00:00

Not at all! A large benefit of our service is that you save time and get to spend it how you like! Once our work is completed, we will leave an invoice on your door and wait for payment, providing you agree to drop a check in the mail within the next 2 days. If you prefer to be home while we work, we will arrange to be there at a reasonable time that’s convenient for you. In either instance, we will call you at least 1–2 days before coming out so you will know when will be on your property.

How often should I have my gutters cleaned?2023-04-12T01:41:37+00:00

We recommend cleaning your gutters at least twice a year (once in the spring and once in the fall) if your property has primarily oak trees. For those with Pine or other trees that shed year-round, your gutters should be cleaned 3-4 times per year, possibly used in conjunction with gutter guards or leaf strainers. Additional cleanings may be needed in the event of a hurricane or strong storm. As a service to our customers, we offer discounted rates for regular, periodic cleaning programs to ensure a proper gutter maintenance program is affordable.

Why do I need gutter cleaning?2023-04-12T01:30:54+00:00

As leaves fall, they accumulate in your gutters and create clogs that send falling water over the top of your gutters, rendering them useless. In addition, the outlet holes attaching downspouts to your gutters can become clogged with a wad of debris as small as a tennis ball. If the outlet hole is plugged, or your downspouts are clogged (usually at the elbows), your gutters will fail to drain — even if the gutters are free of debris. So to put it simply, cleaning your gutters isn’t just about leaves near your roof. In some cases, downspouts may even need to be disassembled, cleaned out, reassembled and re-secured before your gutters can operate properly.

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